Experienced Leadership

As a family-owned and operated business, Super Wash has an advantage that other companies do not – having leadership that has literally “grown up” with the company.

It is through understanding and a dedication to excellence, that Super Wash has become what it is today. Our leaders live by the Super Wash philosophy to “Meet and greet each customer with a glad heart and make a positive difference in their day.” We look to attract enthusiastic, right-hearted people – much like ourselves – to become future Super Wash operators.

Mary K. Black has served as Vice President, Secretary, Director and Chairman of the Board since our inception in March 1982. Since 1981, she has also been the Vice President, Secretary, and Director of Town’s Edge Car Wash, Inc. in Morrison, IL.

Robert D. Black has held the positions of President, Treasurer, Director, and Chief Executive Officer since our inception in March 1982. He also has been the President, Treasurer, and Director of Town’s Edge Car Wash, Inc. in Morrison, IL, since 1981.

Jennifer R. Black is a certified public accountant and has served as a Vice President since January 1998. From June 1997 to January 1998, she served as Assistant to our Chief Operating Officer, and in March 2001 she was named Chief Operating Officer and she was named Chief Financial Officer in 2010.

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