Making It Happen

Because Super Wash, Inc. is a turnkey car wash opportunity, our staff is prepared to handle your needs – both big and small. Every day we strive to do our best to ensure that your exciting new business venture gets off to a successful start and continues on the road to prosperity.

From permitting and zoning issues to training new operators, ordering equipment and even assisting you with your grand opening, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is able and willing to help prepare you for ownership.

Our experienced Development team of Bob Black, Maureen Lefebure, Julie Brown and Barry Black, have made contact with thousands who are interested in joining the Super Wash family. Each year they personally meet with new client groups at our headquarters in Morrison.

We find that people learn about us primarily in one of two ways – some contact us after using a Super Wash car wash and liking the product – others discover us through current franchisees, or from someone who knows our story and shares the good news. Either way, it’s evident that the word about us continues to spread and we continue to grow.

Our Real Estate Department is primarily responsible for securing sites for new Super Wash development, their responsibilities also include assisting prospective new operators with development of private sites. We’ll help you with:

• Market evaluation
• Site selection and approval
• Land contracts
• Site plans
• Topographical surveys
• Architectural blueprints
• EPA clearance
• Permitting
• State and local governmental approvals
• Total project cost estimates

Super Wash has served as the general contractor for the construction of over 600 car washes. We provide job site supervisors who will be at your construction site daily, and will monitor the progress of the building laborers to ensure quality construction in a timely manner. Super Wash generally subs out the plumbing, electrical, excavation and paving work. Our personnel typically do all building layout, floor preparation, masonry and roof work. We always install and test the equipment, and offer training on its proper use.

Super Wash offers management services to outside operators on a very limited basis. For 15 years we’ve been managing washes for absentee owners. Currently, we manage the day to day operations of 125+ facilities across the country. For a percentage of the gross revenue, our very capable staff handles the hiring and training of wash staff, bookkeeping, auditing, and day-to-day operations.

Super Wash provides advertising assistance to each of our washes. We provide Super Wash franchisees with a media kit including newspaper ads, radio commercials, and other helpful ideas for successful promotions.

We also hold an annual National Holiday Promotion that has proven to be extremely exciting.

The Super Wash Parts and Service Department carries parts and provides troubleshooting expertise to all Super Wash facilities. Our parts department carries an inventory of replacement and maintenance parts, promotional items, and Super Wash clothing. On a typical day we ship up to 100 parcels and other items to Super Wash car washes across the country. As an additional service to our franchisees, we offer a rental program that often saves them from purchasing major spare parts while a warranty exchange is in process. Our service technicians are available by phone 7 days a week – even on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter.

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